1:75 1984 CRX by ChoroQ

Takara released the 1st generation CR-X in various colors and levels of detail.  They all come with an operating sunroof.

An early version in dark blue with a chrome bottom half.  Even the tires have “Dunlop” on them.

Here’s a 2002 issue of a purple CR-X that came in a red ribboned ChoroQ box.

Here’s a silver Honda Direct Marketing version with black lower cladding.

This is a keychain version in a special blister package.  Has “Speed Racer” on the hood but not much other detail.

Details on this blue/silver one include painted molding on side cladding and dual tone color. This version comes from a Honda 4-pack.

Notice the additional details on this black one out of the J’s Tipo 15 set: painted strip on side cladding, printed badges on front and rear, grey insets on chrome rims.

A white/white/white!

A yellow with lower in black

A yellow “Dunlop” version that came in a special package”

A white/black

Yellow/grey in special ChoroQ box

Red repair version with primed left fender


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