1:55 1976 Accord Hatchback by Dinky

I never even knew this existed until I stumbled across it one day on ebay. I have two of these blister packed cars in the collection – both the same color with the blister card condition being the only difference. I can’t get myself to remove it from the blister for photographing and display.  I’ll just have to wait till one comes with no packaging.  From what I can tell, the detail is average for a mathbox sized diecast.  The level of quality is closer to that of the Playarts than the Tomicas.
This was made by Dinky as part of a cheap Matchbox-sized series produced in 1980/81 when they were trying to stave off bankruptcy.

These models were made in Hong Kong by a company called Universal, and were sold in the US through K-Mart as Kidco Tough Wheels, with “Kidco” cast into the baseplates instead of Dinky Toys (Hence there are actually two versions of the Accord, a Kidco one and a Dinky one). These are pretty rare, simply because they weren’t made for very long and they’re pretty fragile and break easily. They certainly aren’t as tough as the similarly sized Playarts.

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