1:55 1976 Accord Hatchback by Playart/Kidco

Playart’s very rare Accord Hatchback in approximately 1:54 scale. For a cheap toy, the detail is quite remarkable. Made in Hong Kong, the Playart Accords come in various carded blisters – which tend to be even rarer in good shape. The Playart casting was also used for the Kidco carded/branded Accords. Painted black metal bottoms were the norm for this vintage.

This version is green with white and black graphics and a #32 on the roof.

Playart’s Accord Hatchback was rebranded quite a bit. Kidco’s only Honda in matchbox size.  At approximately 1:55 scale, this Accord hatchback lacks the quality of the Tomicas but is similar albeit occasionally slight better liveried than their Playart counterparts.

From a Tough Wheels carded blister. Hard to find a blister that’s not naturally falling apart.

A Sears Roadmates carded one in green that’s similarly decorated as the Playart version


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