Originally introduced in 1976, the Honda Accord has had 10 generations of success in the market heading into 2016 – including a couple of forks in the lineage that split the US and Euro variations.

In US Model years, the lineage is as follows:

1st  generation (1976–1981) – SJ/SM
2nd generation (1982–1985) – SY/SZ/AC/AD
3rd generation (1986–1989) – CA1/CA2/CA3/CA4/CA5/CA6
4th generation (1990–1993) – CB7/ CB9
5th generation (1994–1997) – CD3/CD4/CD5/CD6/CD7/CD9
6th generation (1998–2002) – JDM: CF3/CF4/CF5/CL2/CL3, USDM: CG1/CG2/CG3/CG4/CG5/CG6, Euro: CG7/CG8/CG9 CH5/CH6/CH7/CH8
7th generation (2003–2007)
8th generation (2008–2012)
9th generation (2013–present)


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