1:57 Civic Hatchback by Tomica

The 1st generation Civic was released by Tomica in 1974 in a couple of 3 door hatchback variations – GL and rally. Since then it’s appeared in many colors, tampo designs and even wheel designs. The earlier issues were made in Japan and the later ones mostly from China.


The early variations had the vintage 1E wheels. This dark gold variation came in both a US market  “Pocket Cars” carded blister and elsewhere in Asia in the traditional black and yellow Tomica JDM model box.

This US issue “rally” Civic was not available outside the US and only came in the Pocket Cars carded blister.

One of the earlier models in orange made in Japan.

A very rare yellow Civic GL that with a specially decaled box custom colored for a department store.

Here’s a Rally version with the extra lamps on the front bumper and the roof rack with spare. Made in Japan, the wheels are gold on this one.

A reissue of the Rallye version – this time with a black interior and Made in China. Maintaining the gold wheels, the tampos are a bit deeper blue.

This is the Honda edition of the Civic GL in orange with a black interior and black wheels. Additional painted details include rear badges and lights.   Interestingly, it has the Rally front bumper with the extra lamps. It comes in a white Honda checkered box.

Another Honda edition in red with a black interior.

Another Honda issued Civic GL with the extra details in Blue.

A light blue Civic GL with a grey interior from a later Series III lottery box.

A new issue “Aeon” version of the Civic Hatchback in yellow – comes with a road sign in a pink Aeon marked box.

A 2006 issue with details in orange and a black hood.

A yellow detailed version from a Dream Project package that came with an equivalent ChoroQ model.


Tomica Civic

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