Welcome to the relaunch of the ultimate digital reference for Hondamobilia!

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Some of us Hondaphiles and Acuraphiles cannot get enough just having our 1:1 scale cars, we also need to savor the miniature versions of our cars and sometimes even those in the Honda family we don’t have in our garages or driveways or street parking :).

My Hondamobilia collection started back in 1990 – at a time when models of Honda cars were rare, at least in the US.  The most common Honda cars were the F1 McLaren Hondas aside from the Tomicas and Dinkys. This was largely due to Honda not licensing their brand or model names or designs to toy and model manufacturers.  However, over the last few years, things have changed. Now, there is a huge selection of Honda vehicles.  In addition to scale models, my HondaMobilia collection also includes Honda brochures, pins, books, videos, press kits and pretty much anything about Honda cars. To date, I have cataloged about 60% of my model cars and 15% of other Honda related collectibles.

I will attempt to do a few things with this site:

  • Have a virtual display of my HondaMobilia collection (over 7000 items large at this time)
  • Publish my reviews of various Honda scale models – I will publish a new review every week on average plus updates to current pages of new models or photos.

Eventually, I’d like to include a sale/trade forum and a discussion forum…

Please keep in mind that the reviews are from the perspective of a collector based in the US.  This probably means that I have limited access to many of the Japanese market items.

I do my own photography for models in my collection.  Please do not use the photos for commercial purposes (including as photos for auctions).

If there are any inaccuracies, please let me know so that I can improve the site.

digital home of the world's largest hondamobilia collection