1:43 1996-1999 Accord Touring Car by Onyx

The 1996-1999 Accord 5 door hatchback was modeled by Onyx/Vitesse only in Touring car from – reusing the same casting for 4 seasons and a few different racing series (British, Belgian, Italian, US and German). I’ve not verified but I believe Onyx had every team/driver/series covered!

These were all produced in limited editions of about 2500. Most models came with numbered certificates.

As some of the detailed photos below show, not bad for a relatively low cost model by contemporary standards.

1996 British Touring Car Championship
XT041: BTCC ’96 #11 (David Leslie)

XT042: BTCC ’96 #12 (James Kaye)

1997 North American Touring Car Championship
It was interesting that this car was fielded since the 5 door hatchback was never sold in the US. The front end of this car looks more like the prior Prelude than any Accord sold in the US.

XT043: : NATCC ’97 #12 (Peter Cunningham)

XT044: : NATCC ’97 #4 (Neil Crompton)

1997 Belgian Pro Car Championship
XT045: Belgian Procar ’97 #6 (Thierry Tassin)

1997 British Touring Car Championship
XT053: BTCC ’97 #10 (James Thompson)

XT054: BTCC ’97 #20 (Gabriele Tarquini)

1997 Swedish Touring Car (Super Touren Wagen) Championship
XT055: STW ’97 #11 (Altfrid Heger)

XT056: STW’ 97 #12 (Marco Werner)

1997 Italian Touring Car Championship
XT107: Italian Touring Cars ’97 #21 (Roberto Colciago)

1998 Swedish Touring Car (Super Touren Wagen) Championship
XT105: STW ’98 #11 (Tarquini)

XT106: STW ’98 #12 (Christiansen)

1998 British Touring Car Championship
XT103: BTCC ’98 #5 (James Thompson)

XT104: BTCC ’98 #50 (Peter Kox)

XT126: BTCC ’98 #5 (Roger Moen)

XT127: BTCC ’98 #29 (Robb Gravett)

1998 Italian Touring Cars
XTC99003: Italian Touring Cars ’98 #51 (Massimo Pigoli)

1999 British Touring Car Championship
XTC99016: BTCC ’99 #99 (Lee Brookes)

XTC99018: BTCC ’99 #22 (Paula Cook)

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