1:43 City by Tomica Dandy

Tomica’s 1:43 Dandy series City and City II Turbo. They all come with a Motocompo in the rear hatch area – in most cases a different color depending on the color of the car. The wheel variations are also surprising for what is meant to be more of a toy than a detailed model. The base models have silver steel wheels, while the Turbo has gold alloys. The Turbo II has chrome wheels. The Hyper Turbos have gold wheels for the black car and chrome 5 spokes for the red car.


Base model City in White



Yellow with a decal sunroof

City Turbo

Red with a sunroof outline and gold rims

City Turbo II

blue with white markings and a yellow Motocompo

Silver with red markings and a yellow Motocompo

White with red markings and a yellow Motocompo

City Hyper Turbo

Black with gold wheels and a white Motocompo

Red with chrome 5 spoke wheels and a red Motocompo

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