1:50 Beat by Tomica

Tomica introduced quite a number of variations of the Honda Beat some Made in China while the earlier ones were Made in Japan. Most of the Japan-made ones had pinted metal bases. There are no operating features on this model unlike the S800. The best feature of this model are probably the chrome headlights.


early Yellow made in Japan

early Red made in Japan

late Red made in China

Comparison between the Japan and China made variations. China (left) vs Japan (right)

Silver (Made in Japan)

Silver (Made in China)- manually customized


Disney Goofy variation

Disney Goofy variation

Yellow Special Model in a Special Model Tomica box

White “Orico” special edition (Made in China)

Another special edition in 3 variations of color (Made in China)

A black Beat with chrome lipped wheels from a “Powered by Honda” set that also includes an S2000, NSX and S800.

Special edition by N’s Collection (Made in China)

Taspa Zubo special edition (Made in China)

Bolts and Nuts special editions in yellow and red (Made in China)

Silver/red with blue interior and yellow tinted windshield from a Special Edition set. (Made in China)

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