1:43 1999 Accord Coupe by Modifiers

The 1999 Honda Accord Coupe was modeled by Modifiers in their series with a large variety of aftermarket parts that you could modify the base car with. If you got multiple packages, you could even mix and match wheels, seats, air intakes, strut tower braces, exhausts and aero kits.


1999 Accord in white unmodified

Blue-green w/ivory interior

1999 Accord EX Coupe in black with black interior (Series 4 and 5)

Blue-green w/tan interior

Blue-green w/tan interior (Modified)

1999 Accord EX Coupe Silver

1999 Accord EX Coupe Silver (Modified)

1999 Accord Coupe

Modified version with gold wheels

Deluxe version in green with yellow/pink graphics.



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